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XA(T,V)S 375 JD
The options you need for all your specific applications. These portable compressors are workhorses. Featuring Atlas Copco’s new C111 element for improved compression efficiency, the XAS 375 JD6, XATS 375 JD6 and the XAVS 375 JD6 are ideal for demanding applications, including sandblasting and plumbing. The XC 2002 control module with LCD display puts integrated engine electronics for performance and diagnostics at your fingertips.
XAS 300 and XATS 250 JDU
This compressor is designed for cross mounting on service vehicles used for maintenance, road stripping and related activities. For easy mounting and dismounting from the carrier, the XAS 300 and XATS 250 feature two sets of forklifts slots, one on each end, as well as a lifting bail.

Customer benefits

Extremely reliable John Deere engineTier 3 exhaust emission complianceOperates under widely varying climatic conditions, water-cooler engine, large capacity oil cooling system, high efficiency heavy-duty two-stage intake filters (with cartridge replacement indicators)Highly efficient oil extraction system means low oil consumptionLarge capacity fuel tank placed low for good road handling and easy fillingGull wing doors for easy access to engine and componentsFew moving parts, minimum mechanical wearRugged and reliable, needing little maintenance

Leaflet XA (T,V) S 375 JD6 T3 (1208kB, Pdf document) - Download
Leaflet XAS300 XATS 250 JDU7 (465kB, Pdf document) - Download

Technical data
Technical Specifications
Normal effective working pressure7 - 13.8 bar
EngineJohn Deere
Weight993 - 1782 kg
Length213 - 368 cm
Width86 - 182 cm
Height140 - 180 cm
Air flow (FAD)118 - 177 l/s

Technical Specifications
Normal effective working pressure100 - 200 psi
EngineJohn Deere
Weight2190 - 3920 lbs
Length84 - 145 inch
Width34 - 72 inch
Height55 - 71 inch
Air flow (FAD)250 - 375 cfm


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