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Air Power Services Inc

Air Power Services, Inc. has factory trained technicians to handle all your maintenance needs. We stock a full line of parts, filters and lubricants for most major brand air compressors.
Preventive Maintenance Program:
Our Preventive Maintenance Program helps identify possible problems before they become real breakdowns. The program covers standard required maintenance such as, oil-filter changes, cleaning and lubrication, oil analysis and minor adjustments. We check everything from major components to hoses, moisture traps, electrical connections and general condition of unit. We also include professional system recommendations and a detailed record of the work performed. And, you pay only for work that's actually done. We charge only for the time and materials necessary to complete the maintenance on your equipment.
You can set up a preventive maintenance program for an annual review, quarterly or monthly, depending on how heavily your equipment is used and its availability. We can tailor the maintenance schedule to meet your needs.